Voxcribe: Revolutionary Speech Recognition Technology

The Voxcribe project outdates the existing speech recognition technology. This unique solution has no competitor or alternative on PC.

Towards Human Recognition Performance

Voxcribe performs very well without any user specific training and provides to best speaker-independent recognition performance on PC desktop. Voxcribe can recognize TV or radio broadcasts with high accuracy and handle multi-speaker recognition tasks.

VoxcribeCC: Video-speech-recognition captioning software

VoxcribeCC is the ultimate subtitling and closed captioning editor with embedded speech recognition, and it is the first application based on Voxcribe Speech Recognition Technology.

VoxcribeCC is a video-speech-recognition system (not a re-speak system). The audio channels of video is recognized directly.

The state-of-the-art closed-captioning system, VoxcribeCC, combines the highest technology with the art of captioner intervention.

VoxcribeCC increases productivity, gives full control on the quality, and saves captioners tedious work.