VoxcribeCC: Media(Audio/Video)-Speech-Recognition Transcription and Captioning Editor

VoxcribeCC has the highest performance Media-Speech-Recognition capability that automatically finds utterances in audio and converts them into text with time stamps.

Please watch VoxcribeCC Usage Video to learn using VoxcribeCC just in 2 minutes.
Please check the main product page for more information: The Ultimate Transcription and Captioning Editor: VoxcribeCC

First Time User Instructions

Please follow these steps:

1. Download and install VoxcribeCC.
2. Run the program and get a new user account. (Main Menu / My Account / Create New User Account)
3. Activate the account (an activation email will be sent at step 2). If you can not see the activation mail in your "Inbox", check the "Spam" mail folder. When an account is actived, Voxcribe SaaS system gives free 60 Minutes credit to the first time users.
4. Please watch VoxcribeCC Usage Video to learn using VoxcribeCC just in 2 minutes.
5. Just create a new project (Main Menu / File / New Project). You can use the sample video that is installed with the software (Path is "C:\_VxCC\SampleVideo\")
6. Watch how VoxcribeCC facilitates captioning process. While speech recognition is in progress, you can check or edit recognized subtitles on the grid.

Download VoxcribeCC

You can download and install VoxcribeCC for free.
To run this version, your computer must have
• 64 Bit Windows,
• At least 4GB RAM memory.
Please check "System Requirements" for the other requirements. If you have the required hardware, please click on this link to download:

Download VxCC-1.80_Setup.exe (1,3 GB)

Important Notes:
- If you are using a version earlier than 1.77, you should upgrade your software.
- We strongly advice you to use a download manager that can resume the download since this is a very large file.
- VoxcribeCC is marketed with a Desktop SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Please read the main product page for pricing.

System Requirements

• 64 Bit Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8
• Intel Core 2 / AMD Phenom or later (4 cores advised)
• 4 GB available harddrive space
• Internet connection
• 1280x1024 minimum resolution
• Min 4GB RAM.

• You must be online to initialize a subtitling project. You do NOT need to be online while working on the project.
• You may need Direct Show Codecs of your media.